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Who let the farm out.. April 12, 2011

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Today the kindergartners went to a field trip to Lake Farm Parks in Kirtland, OH.  The kids got to see and pet all sorts or animals, plant a flower, and milk a cow!  They had a great time and for many it is probably the only time they will get to go to a farm.  Some of the interesting parts of the day was when we arrived, the students on my bus started screaming that we were there and them proceeded to sing “Who let the farm out…who, who, who” (sung to the tune of “Who Let the Dogs Out”).  At another point, we were looking at a chicken.  A student asked me if “shitens fly”.  It took me about 3 times of hearing it before I remembered that he has a speech impairment and that is how he says chickens. And lastly, a lamb jumped on his mother’s back and a little boy said “Eww, they are humping!” (yes, these are kindergartners) when a student beside him says, “Mario!  That is inappropriate language to use for your age and at school.  That is adult vocabulary and we don’t talk like that!”  So as you can see, it was an interesting day on the farm!

Spring Break Countdown:  16 days!!