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Hello world! April 6, 2011

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As with everything, I have collapsed to peer pressure and created a blog.  I thought this would be a better way to keep in touch with some of my family since I am so busy these days.  So for my first post, I thought I would give a little update on what I have been doing these days!

Work is taking up most of my life.  I get up at 5:30 AM and return home about 5 PM everyday.  There aren’t really any interesting stories from work.  I had taken on another tutoring position for one I my students that has a health issue and cannot be at school.  That did not last to long.  With her not showing up or being late and with me starting grad school I had taken on too much.  I told my school that I could not do it anymore.  Yesterday at school I was “harassed”.  A student was upset and latched himself onto me.  He was hanging on to me by my necklace.  It took another teacher to pull him off of me.  I came out of the incident with a badly scratched neck and a broken necklace.  The student was suspended for 10 days and needless to say, the parent is not happy with the SCHOOL!  He is threatening to get a lawyer, but I did take pictures of my neck and necklace for documentation. Sadly, this is not the first violent encounter with a student at work.  Other than that it is the same old, same old! 

I have started graduate school in the middle of March.  I transferred from University of Akron to Grand Canyon University.  I am taking an online program.  I transferred to Grand Canyon due to the limited time that I could actually attend classes there with this job.  I would only be able to take 2 classes a year…that would take FOREVER! At Grand Canyon, classes change every 2 months.  I will be able to get done by next August.  I am enrolled in my first class and I was very intimidated at first.  Out of 3 students, I was the only one that had less than 5 years of experience.  However, my classmates and professor have been very positive and have given me great compliments so far.  It is going great other than the little time I have outside of work and school work.

Now onto my personal life (this will be the shortest section of all!).  Chris and I went to our first film festival.  He agreed to go with little reluctance even though the film I wanted to watch was at 9:45 AM!!  The film was called Facing Forward.  It was about a boy that went to E Prep School which is the middle school that is connected to where I work at.  I was a great film and the showing that I went to was actually an added film because the other two showings were sold out!  And, I do have to add even though he would not be happy, CHRIS CRIED AND I DIDN’T!! That tells you how good it was.  Also, Chris got a job at a housing company, it is called KHovania.  It sounds like a great place and really promising for him.  He is super excited and gets to fly to New Jersey on Friday for a week training.  Other than that my social life is limited. My roommate, Ashley, and I do have a lot of fun together and try to do things on the weekends!


SPRING BREAK COUNTDOWN:  20 school days!


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Aunt Susie Says:

    Sorry to hear about the child that attached.Glad it wasn’t worse.
    We miss you Katie, Katie. Can’t wait for Spring break so we can see you. When will you be home?
    Love you Katie and will see you soon.
    Aunt Susie

  2. Denise Says:

    Glad you started a blog. Now I will know what you are up to 😉 Hope your neck is better.

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